The Peripatetic Pilot Problem

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Our fledgling space program is off to a flying start, but has run into a minor issue - all our pilots are dead, missing or stuck in Kerbin orbit, drifting helplessly out of control.
Somewhat understandably new recruits have become thin on the ground, colleagues are avoiding your gaze and there's a rumour that you're about to be demoted to assistant intern.

You have ONE last mission to redeem yourself, go from zero to hero, and restore the space program to glory.

Using the limited funds, science, engineers and scientists at hand rescue all 3 of our vagabond pilots and 2 innocent tourists then return them safely to Kerbin.


  • Download the linked save file into a fresh game of your choice.
  • Save Valentina, Jedtrey, Macbert, Karen and Nedcan


  • Spend wisely - you have funds for a modest craft and enough science to unlock 1 more node.
  • Act quickly - some of our pilots may be on an escape trajectory...
  • Other craft may have a slight tendency to explode during re-entry.
  • Despite all precautions some craft may contain nuts.


  • Wheaton rule - No cheating or debug menu shenanigans
  • Stock only (with the exception that Audio, Visual and informational only mods like KER are fine)
  • No hiring any new pilots - in this scenario, all applicants have been scared off and are citing implausible new careers such as "Manatee Whisperer".(However you might be able to retrieve some pilots before sending the rescue mission.)
  • Your craft can separate into multiple craft after launch, but only 1 launch is allowed
  • Creative use of EVA jetpacks is encouraged but limit yourself to max 1 refill from pods
  • Submit screenshots or a video documenting your adventure
  • There will be 2 leaderboards ranked by cost and weight respectively, and also special spot prizes for especially Kerbal or creative solutions
  • ...really just have fun though!


Thanks to @jonpfl for letting me borrow and tweak his save game from this thread. My own entry is here:


118 tons and 45,272 funds




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