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KSP v1.3.0 TIP on modded installs crashing


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TIP regarding modded installs of KSP crashing on starting up (specifically; when reaching the "Parts upgrade" part of the loading screen

As far as I can tell, KSP crashes on startup ONLY when a mod carries a COMPONENT along inside it. Kerbal Engineering Redux, for instance, won't work as it introduces parts. Visual mods such as Scatterer and EVA will not cause a crash, as they introduce no new parts to the catalogue.

So as a general workaround for people suffering crashes; remove all the mods which install components, until those mods are updated by their developers (and don't go poke them until they do).

Mods which introduce optional parts (which are not always needed) can be removed, this includes the parts in Kerbal Engineering Redux* (just remove the Parts subfolder from the Kerbal Engineering Redux folder).

I hope this will at least enable people to enjoy the most they can out of KSP until the mods are updated.

* I am aware that there is already an update for KER, just like to include this example as a proof of concept.


I shall post this as a general announcement/tip for those suffering from crashes on modded installs of KSP. Moderators may move this thread where-ever they like it to go, but as I would like to maximize visibility and found the Questions section not the best place to start, I shall post it here instead.

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1 hour ago, Adelaar said:

Kerbal Engineering Redux, for instance, won't work as it introduces parts.

I don't seem to remember this happening to my part add-on. Does it make a difference that the added parts were clones of stock parts via Module Manager?

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From what I can tell any part cfg that calls for a module from a non 1.3 compiled DLL will cause a crash. Where the log says that the crash occurs is meaningless as to what mod is responsible.
If your part mod is all module manager or uses only stock modules (or plug-ins that have been compiled for 1.3), it won't crash.

If you search for "exception" in the log, that will give you a hint as to mods causing problems, but it isn't all of them. It's mostly part mods with plug-in dlls pre 1.3 that are causing the crashes.

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Gels with what im going through.

Loading always crashes at horns or generator engines for my trains yet these are just normal engines modified by cfg file..no new line added just all changed 

Horn - LV1R with horn startup sound

Generator - LF jet engine with alternator set to 156 monopropellant and diesel engine sound - 3 thrust, 0.21 spool time

Its likely the indicator lights then

Any groundpounder able to tell me if besides terrain fixed is there any benefit to drivers in 1.3

Might not be worth losing things for

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Yeah, sure one must wait for mods to update, problems resulting from unupdated mods are self-inflicted.

But ksp crashes just plain vanilla. On exit it is always thrown out by the kernel due to access violation, it never exits normally (linux).

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