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Self-made boosters falling through launchpad on parachutes

Gordon Dry



So I built boosters with procedural tanks with Kerosene and LqdOxygen, using RealChute nosecones.

The boosters are only for a short burst, they are separated at 600m above ground while still ascending 90° pitch.

When they come down slowly and smooth with parachutes they go straight down to the launchpad - and fall through it below the ground.

Using RSS - launching at US - Cape Canaveral

Here is a screenshot where I hover the mouse cursor over the debris (at the launchpad) which is more away from the vessel than the altitude:

Full log:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/hrnjvxwvsovfuud/2017-05-31-1 KSP.log.zip?dl=1

btw I just lowered the amount of mods ...

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Falling through ground is the result of missing or wrong colliders with the model of the part (same would be for moving through other vessels). If the tanks fall bottom-first, would be a collider for the bottom missing or oriented improperly.

This could be an issue specific with the Procedural tanks add-on, if confirmed with only that add-on installed on a stock KSP install (plus all required dependencies for Procedural tanks to work properly, of course). In that case, better to report in the proper thread for it.

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