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Strange flying terrain tiles



So i have a problem.

Not always, but quite often, when i land on any celestial body (Kerbin included) after getting close to the ground (like 10-15 seconds before touchdown) the ground tiles start disconnecting (clearly showing their boprder lines), and then some of them shoot up to the sky.
It looks cool, but unfortunatelly it messes my landings, as all indicators show distance to the tile, regardless if that is the distance to the actual ground. After reaching the tile, it disappears and show up in the correct place just to start rising again.

The whole thing is shown in the GIF linked below.
The link

Have anyone encountered this and if so, do You know what causes it?
I have tried to disable all mods that potentially could change anything in terrain (anything that isn't just adding parts), but for now no success and so, here i am.

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Its scatterer. It's not updated for 1.3 and is causing issues. The dev already knows and is getting tires of the bug reports pertaining to 1.3 and floating tiles, so I suggest you don't go bother him. The issue will be resolved when scatterer updates in sure.

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Yes it is that.

I haven't tried it before as i didn't even knew that i had it, as CKAN didn't show that i in fact have it.

I think i rely on CKAN too much.


Thak You for fast answer!

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