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Nexus's Orbital Calculator

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(Inspired by Interplanetary How-To Guide by Kosmo-Not)


I proudly present to you the Nexus's Orbital Calculator


It does a lot of calculations for you automatically.

You only have to input the data.


It has a:

  • Orbit Calculator
  • Hohmann Transfer Calculator
  • Interplanetary Transfer Calculator

And more...


Works for both stock KSP and Real Solar System


Download for free by clicking on the link below


(I'm open to constructive criticism and suggestions)

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 The spreadsheet should ideally be much more user- friendly if you can manage it. Ideally, it shouldn't require any research or calculation on the part of the user. For example, the planetary transfer calc should need nothing more than planet names and orbit altitudes as inputs.

Also, feel free to use the functions in the spreadsheet I gave you to display transfer DV, gate orbits, and window intervals.

Nice clean layout!


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