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have you ever wanted a mod like RO but for 64k (thats the simple way to describe it :P)  well now you can!!!

it also works with ANY 6.4 scale Kerbin sized body.

All rights reserved-Kerbin orbiter


want me to add your mod? 

and create an issue with the tag entitled: "add my mod"

DEPENDANCYS: Module Manager (that is it honest)


SQUAD - Stock

@Kartoffelkuchen's SpaceX pack

@DECQ's soyuz


^ development thread

also if you have any questions i will answer them as soon as posable (ASAP) 

should be up on CKAN before the end of the week (fingers crossed)

has full support for @DECQs Soyuz spacecraft and rocket pack

LATEST RELEASE: (i hope it works)

it also has a flag by @cratercracker which you can see at the top of the post it is in flag format (i sized it down to 256 by 160 px) and it still looks good

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Its realism overhaul but for 64k scale kerbin so for example GPP with the Rescale: 6.4X thats the simplest way i can put it

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