[1.4.1] KSP Interstellar Extended 1.18.0 (23-3-2018) Continued Development Thread

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17 hours ago, FreeThinker said:

The new beta, KSPIE 1.18.0 can finally be downloaded from here


* Compiled against KSP 1.4.1

* Added improved Near Future Electrics integration: NF-E reactors now feed Interstellar Megajoule Power Management (credits by @Arivald Ha'gel)

* Added Double Cyclotron part, which can create heaver isotopen from lighter isotopes

* Added Low tech Fission Reactor (credits by @SpaceMouse)

* Added 3 Additional Photovoltaic technodes

* Added Oversized Thermal Microwave Transceiver

* Added improved Model for Muon Catalized Fusion Engine

* Balance: moved more advanced Photovoltaic  receiver higher into tech tree and improved their maximum achievable efficiency

* Balance: modified tech upgrade requirements of many reactors, which depending on their characteristics depend on different tech nodes for upgrades

* Balanced tech upgrades of thermal electric generator which higher efficiencies are now unlock by the new Photovoltaic technodes

* Balance: increase minimum tech requirement Molten Salt Reactor to Advanced Nuclear Power

* Balance: changed all Near Future-Electric nuclear reactors tech requirement to first nuclear power techmode

* Balance: changed power divider in NF mode from 500 to 100

* Fixed UF4 Ammonolysis (credits by Arivald Ha'gel)

* Fixed Timberwind Black artifact exhaust problem

* Fixed missing textures (credits by Arivald Ha'gel)

* Fixed Molten Salt Swap Fuel issue (credits by Arivald Ha'gel)

* Structural: Split parts inside Microwave folder into separate sub folders

* Structural: replaced internal PartModule configuration by Module Manager script  (credits by Arivald Ha'gel)

Thank you so so very much for all of the hard work that I KNOW goes into keeping all of this up to date. It's definitely appreciated!!

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