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can't see MKS flex-o-tube


Summary - MKS flex-o-tubes don't show up in the parts list in the VAB.  I think I have all required prerequisite modules.

The part didn't show up.  I checked the flexotube config file, it said I had to have tech advanced construction, and I do.  The part shows as owned in the tech under the research tree.

The docs for flexotube only said I needed KAS.  I checked KSP.log, it said flexotube needed ConnectedLivingSpace.  Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy.  Checked KSP.log again and it now said I needed DeadlyReentry for that part.  Downloaded, installed, restarted, no joy.  KSP.log doesn't report any further problems with flexotube but I still don't see it in the VAB.

Am I missing something?  Am I doing something wrong?  This driving me nuts, I have a base on Minmus I'm trying to finish and the docking ports won't line up...


  • Steam KSP 1.2.2
  • 000_AT_Utils
  • 000_USITools  0.8.18
  • CommunityCategoryKit  1.2.2
  • CommunityResourcePack  0.6.6
  • CommunityTechTree  3.0.3
  • ConnectedLivingSpace
  • DeadlyReentry  7.5.0
  • Firespitter  7.5.1
  • GroundConstruction
  • KAS  0.6.2
  • KIS  1.4.3
  • MechJeb2  2-
  • ModuleManager   2.7.5
  • USI Konstruction   0.1.12
  • USI Kontainers   (no version but was bundled with MKS)


Thanks for any help!

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You are using CTT, in which case flexotubes are sited under Meta-Materials instead of Adv Construction. You don't need any additional mods to load them in, but MKS has some custom configurations for those parts (i.e. a config to tell CLS that the flexotubes are passable parts and custom temperature values for DRE) that it's harmlessly skipping over because you don't have them installed. Even without KAS, the parts still appear (but do nothing).

For a more prompt answer next time, try asking in the designated MKS thread.

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