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Rocket stuck on launchpad when downscaling engines



I have a problem when downscaling engines.

When i downscale some engines to 0.625 m or 0.300m the rockets get kind of stuck on the launchpad.

When i release the launchclamps the rocket is able to rotate in any direction arround its center of mass.

but it cant move.






Flight Engineer



Kerbal Joints Reinforced.

Bluedog design bureau


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6 hours ago, SpannerMonkey(smce) said:

Hi theres' a good chance that scaling the engine has left them with very little power, especially if they were low power engines to start with . Tweakscale scales everything in the cfg not just size

Well it meight have low trust. But with stuck i mean stuck. When you put the craft midair and release the lauchclamps. The craft stays mid air. Even when you turn off the engine.

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I seem to remember having this happen too. I believe craft edits caused one or more strut connections to no longer "hit" any part of the craft. The result seemed to be that these struts would anchor themselves to the launch pad. If this is what's going on for you, rebuilding the entire craft isn't necessary -- but redoing struts may help, particularly if some of them appear unconnected or if you have symmetry-placed struts which don't all have parts to connect to.

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