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Hey everyone!
I am soon going to have a presentation in school about aerospace technology, engineering and astro sciences.
Now, I am already pumped up with a nearly lethal overdose of caffeine to do work, but I still need some help from you guys.
There will be sections about general astro sciences, actual engineering, and other stuff, as well as some things about KSP because it simulates it so well.
If you can help me out in any way(art, screenshots, or informations), you will be greatly appreciated, and mentioned in the presentation.
Thank you everyone.

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On the internet, there are quite a few simple images on how rockets work, these might be interesting.




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Thanks. The part with the control systems would've been too advanced since the people at my school don't even know how a ballpoint pen works, and I did an oversimplified version of the LqF+LOX engine on chalkboard.

Also: the presentation already is in the past by now, got a straight A+ on it. Thanks to a lot of pictures from KSP and a live example of a mün mission.

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