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[1.7.3] Graphics Enhancements Assembly (GEA)

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I did some digging. GEA is almost identical to stock EVE and Scatterer with only a few changes.

  • All the cloud maps and detail textures are in BoulderCo/Atmosphere/Textures. The detail textures are different to what I've seen, but the cloud maps kerbin1, eve1 and duna1 are the default cloud maps that almost everyone uses. How can you tell? The iconic left/right hook in the clouds near the top left of Duna1.dds and bottom right of kerbin1.dds
  • The scatterer configs you bundled are identical to the stock scatterer ones. You have not changed a single value from the configs I looked at.
  • Not really a problem, but your aurora detail textures are 8k. This is a detail texture, not a planet map. Detail textures are tiled many times across the entire texture. The detail texture you have is twice the resolution of the main texture! Lite or not, this is not optimized and will bog down people's computers. 
  • The same goes for the detail1.dds texture, which is 4096 x 4096. An optimal resolution would be 1024 x 1024, since you're tiling this texture. Again, RAM usage will skyrocket.
  • Your cloud maps for Jool appear to be Jupiter's cloud maps with a filter applied. I haven't seen this done by another mod before, but it's helpful to produce your own maps :)
  • Your other cloud maps for Jool (BoulderCo/Textures) are literally a direct copy paste of the Jupiter cloudmap from a simple google search. Again, helpful to produce your own maps - Jool is not Jupiter :)

I didn't do any more checking around the mods you bundled, so I haven't commented on any of the others.

Additionally, since you bundled Scatterer - GEA must fall under the GPLv3.0 licence (or closely related), at least as far as I am aware.



Anyway, to conclude, GEA is pretty much regular EVE and Scatterer. There are some textures that are not optimized, and there are some pretty much copied from google or default EVE. Not much of this is original. The wheel was well and truly re-invented. I don't expect performance to be as good as AVP or SVE.

Hopefully those points give you a foundation to work upon, Davian.

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