Skylon in RSS + RO with B9 Parts

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Hi guys! hope everyone's doing great!

I was wondering if someone ever managed to build a Skylon or similar SSTO spaceplane with the B9 motors and configs provided in RO.

I only managed to get to 4.5km/s, almost half way to orbit - I can't seem to get the fuel fractions right and also don't think my ascent profile is quite right, I only manage to get to the engine's airbreathing temp limit at about 25km up in the atmosphere, which I think is a little low.

I was just wondering if it's even possible :)

EDIT: I know SSTO spaceplanes are pointless and impossible to build with current tech... but hey it's for fun that I'm trying!

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Well the ingame Rapier Engine is an analogue for the Skylon engine, but the only actual Skylon looking Skylon i've seen was ...was it CptKipards Skylon mod? It was looking awesome but he gave up development a long while ago now.

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thanks for the reply @Stevie_D!! B9 has a Sabre engine and the guys at RO did configs for it, so I'm using that to try and build the Skylon !

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