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Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

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LATEST - Work In Progress Video Update 2, below main post.



Kelland Kerman, affluent playboy billionaire and co-owner of global multinational corporation TKR, has found his true goal in life

- to make sure everyone knows what a small-time, know-nothing charlie Elon Kerman truly is!

"Duna? All he cares about is Duna! Who wants an electric toy car company on Duna?!"

Kelland doesn't think small, he thinks BIG! And has set up a specialized company, Superluminal Space Industries, to take Kerbal-kind not just to Duna, but to Jool, Sarnus, Neidon, Urlum, and even the next star system!

That means quickly advancing Kerbal technology to Deep Space Exploration and eventually faster than light travel...all whilst still adhering to Kerbin International Health and Safety standards, of course.. *coughs*

Having set up SSI a few years ago now, the first fruits of his labour have begun to show themselves...





Superluminal is designed to be a late game parts pack that aids in reducing part count and giving the player more options in using deep space exploration mods like USI, Keep Fit, Kerbalism, Interstellar, Outer Planets, Nertea's Near Future etc etc.



Weekly Update Videos

Update 2



Update 1



The "Normal" Part

A lot of the stuff here is farther along than i've shown, and any help when i hit roadbumps (Like the Spacebus issue i had) will always be gratefully received and credit given when the mod releases in full.

I mainly play KSP with (amongst a good many others) USI, Nertea's stuff, Outer Planets and Infernal Robotics. So i'll be mostly focused on getting them working with them in mind first (EDIT - Regarding IR - nothing will require IR but the VTOL engines. The centrispinnials will be standalone but IR -compatible-.) The centrifuges will b. But i will be making sure they're usable standalone and for the other more popular mods (like Interstellar). 

I also adore the idea of centrifuges (everyone says so, but barely any modders make them), so i thought i wanted to make a really big pack of them for me....*coughs* and by extension everyone else to play with. And i always glanced at the KeepFit mod and thought it such a cool idea (both realistically and adding another enjoyable level of gameplay challenge), that it deserved some parts. So this mod is my love letter to KSP and to get us some centrifuges.


(mad rambling sentence below)

To be honest, this entire thing span out of the simplest reason - When i was creating the new IXS a few months ago, i realized the schematics made it better suit the 5m ingame dimension rather than the 3.75m. So i thought "But i want a 3.75m command bridge!" and made the Enkeladus. Then i thought "Well, if im going to go into deep space exploration parts...centrifuges." and it kept getting larger and larger, and now ive thought of and designed most parts i think will make the set.


So! To sum up...

the mod will comprise of 5 sections.

Superluminal Bridges - 11 Command Modules  and Support Craft

Centrispinnials - 11 centrifug...spinnial customizable modules 

Superluminal Hulls - 3 large hulls to customize your long voyage requirements after you've decided on what type/how many/how large your centrif..spinninals are.

Superluminal - 4 warp ring sizes

Misc - A few small parts that make quality of life improvements.


Thanks for reading folks, and i hope you guys are up for some alpha/beta testing soon!


If you want to buy me a drink as thanks or just tip me for my hard work, feel free at



Frequently Asked Questions

What other mods will be required to make this/that work? -

The Command Modules will need b9partswitch. The Centrispinnials will most likely use WildBlueTools. All subject to change. All parts will be made Infernal Robotics -compatible- but not required. The only part that will require IR will be the Priax VTOL engines, but even then, the Priax can double as a rover buggy without its engines. The aim is to make it work as much with the stock game as it can with the modded versions.

IVAs on the Centrispinnials? - Yup! That's the plan! Rotating if possible, and thanks to some helpful people here in this thread its looking ever more likely.

Will the warprings utilize Roverdude's warpdrive / KSP-Interstellar? - Yup! ModuleManager required, but they should work for both Roverdude's WarpDrive and KSP-Interstellar.

What's the License on this mod going to be? - Creative Commons. As long as you don't make cash out of my hard work, you can play with it, fiddle with it, and abuse it however you see fit. I'm a firm believer that the Kerbal community should get the most support they can, because this is one of the best games ever made.

Will there be testing? - The schedule of releasing and testing will go as follows :

Alpha 1 - Functionality Testing - Will add the Command Modules and Support Craft

Alpha 2 - Functionality Testing - Adds Centrispinnials

Beta 1 - Functionality and Balance Testing - Adds Warp Rings, Main Hulls and Misc.

Beta 2 - Final Balance Test before 1.0

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Oh my.

I eagerly await the chance to use these parts to boldly send Akira Kerhara to go, screaming in terror, where even Jeb refuses to go, even when stoned out of his green gourd on liquid fuel fumes, keyote, and mystery goo.

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This stuff looks really cool @Stevie_D and getting copies of original orthographic, that's just wow!

But onto the serious business (and potentially difficult question) will you be adding rotating IVA's to the centrispinnial parts?

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Wow, i didn't expect such a quick and overwhelmingly positive response. Thanks guys, it means a lot to know other folks want the same kind of late game objects in the game as i do, and seem to think i'm on the right track with it!



"Question about the spacebus: is it like a mini SpaceX ITS?"


Kind of, yeah. I never thought of it that way. I wanted something that would ferry Kerbals to and from my spacestations around Kerbin, the Mun, and Minmus and wouldn't add to the part count of the spacestations themselves. I tend to launch my interplanetary ships from the Mun and slingshot around Kerbin, so im always ferrying the mission crew from Kerbin to the Mun and this thing would make life so much easier late-game. Ive already tested the fuel and engine ingame to make sure it has just enough fuel/thrust/isp to do a one way trip to a moon and back.


As you can see from the image above, i've included built-in docking ports, a junior size at the front, and a normal sized one at the back. 




"But onto the serious business (and potentially difficult question) will you be adding rotating IVA's to the centrispinnial parts?"
"And will those "crew" parts have IVAs?"


The plan is indeed to create IVAs for all the parts. Although, just the mere thought of trying to animate and rotate all those IVA props for just one of the centrifuges makes my skin crawl. I never ended up getting chance to do an IVA for the original IXS mod, and ive had a blast modelling them for the command parts so far. So, yup! IVAs all round, and, IF unity or KSP let me rotate the IVA props (im pondering if the game might like them fixed in place or not), i'll try and go that extra mile to make you all sick as a parrot going around...and around... and around....


Oh! And Steed? I'm giving you rep because you used the word centrispinnial and not centrifuge. :D

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20 hours ago, Stevie_D said:

and, IF unity or KSP let me rotate the IVA props

This looks amazing, also speak to the developer of Mother he/she is also doing spinneythings and is quite far along to guess from the thread.

[Now where did I put that Star System.....]


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Thanks for the tip off, @Pretorian28715, i'll definitly give him a PM when i get close to adding the centris into the actual game. (At present im working through the command parts first before the hellish nightmare of spin begins :) )


@CarnageINC Thanks muchly, Carnage. I didn't want to bother you until i had files up, so you pre-empted me heh. It should be in the ball park of a week or so. I'll make sure to nudge you when i put out the first alpha!


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21 hours ago, zakkpaz said:

that Priax VTOL thing looks brilliant, any details you feel up to sharing

Well, @zakkpaz, since i uploaded another video to highlight i'd fixed a problem with the spacebus, i included some Priax footage for you.


    description = "The story goes that Kelland Kerman, in a fit of pique at seeing Elon Kerman announcing he was building a 100 person rocketship, pointed at his favourite supercar, a Kugatti Keyron, and demanded he be able to fly it in space. This cabin made from ultra light materials was the result. The boffins down at HQ were also caught strapping wheels to it and pretending they were rich playboy billionaires."

The Priax (which works AMAZINGLY as a car with wheels, its low clearance level on the deck means its incredibly hard to flip over), is designed as a short hop recon and delivery vehicle for KIS storage and science. It's my guilty pleasure - most likely the least "realistic" of all the command parts im making, but im going to make sure it isnt over-powered to my other parts or stock, either.. It will do moon returns and short atmospheric flights, or at least that's the intention. 

Im going to re-do the colourscheme for the engines and make them more black/yellow, rather than mostly white. And at present its suffering from an unusual listing to its left side, which im currently trying to track down the cause of (i went to so much trouble to make sure (it being a VTOL) that i had the centre of balance in the exact middle, and the engines all equi-distant apart). But i'll get to the bottom of it eventually.

Its one of the concepts that i came up with whilst designing a support craft for the Enkeladus, seen here attached neatly on the main hull and snugly safe from whirling centrispinnials heh


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2 hours ago, zakkpaz said:

looks great, cant wait to fly it! have you thought about texturing the rounded end of the engine pods as heat shields?

I too look forward to this awesome piece of work.  @Stevie_D will you do a testing release before completing the IVAs for the centrispinnials?


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12 hours ago, theJesuit said:

I too look forward to this awesome piece of work.  @Stevie_D will you do a testing release before completing the IVAs for the centrispinnials?

I'm hoping to do a good few alpha release versions until i have all the items in the game, @theJesuit, then a good couple of betas to tweak before i release. So that's a definite yep to IVA testiing.One of the reasons being, i don't even know if KSP will let me animate an entire IVA and it's components within the game, even PorkJet's centrifuge IVA if i recall was just cleverly hidden inside the ring itself (unless it got updated). What plays in our favour is the fact that none of the centrispinnial IVAs will need control props, which i can imagine the game might demand "stay in place." Although even then, making the animation that starts the centrispinnials spinning also making the inside spin might also prove difficult. So fingers crossed! :)

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2 minutes ago, steedcrugeon said:

Take a look here:

@Angel-125 knows things about spinning about

It's great practice for learning how to waffle. :wink: The code to do the spinning is in DSEVUtils. In the Centrifuge folder, there's WBICentrifuge for the external part, and WBIIVARotationHelper for the internal view. If you look at DSEV's D2Centrifuge, you'll see how I set it up. Hope that helps. :)

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Just in case that isn't enough, you can check out Darkside Technologies too.  @Badsector (can't remember his handle atm) also animates his centrifu....spinnial too.

IMO, Angel's and Badsector's ways of doing the rotation are the way to go instead of telying on something like IR, which so many people have issues getting to work.  Hopefully that will eliminate a whole bunch of questions or problems for you in the long run.

I'll add some tags and the link when I get home, my phone absolutely hates doing anything other than straight text on these forums.  Done!!

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Thankyou for all the helpful replies on centrifuges, guys. I'll be looking into all of them to see which will suit Superluminal best.

1 hour ago, smotheredrun said:


IMO, Angel's and Luca's ways of doing the rotation are the way to go instead of telying on something like IR, which so many people have issues getting to work. 

Oh well i wasn't going to go the IR route, just simply make them IR compatible. My main thought with Superluminal is always about reducing part count and relying on as few outside mods as possible. So i was going have each centrifuge as one object using B9 part switch to alter them, and add in just one spindle part separately for folks who would prefer to use them in IR. At present the only part that requires anything other than b9 partswitch are the VTOL's engines, and i purposefully made that look like a buggy/rover so folks who dont have IR can use it for that purpose :)

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wow @Stevie_D, this looks hawt!!!!!! I will sure be downloading the pack once it releases!

shameful but humble ask :$ would you consider going with a less yellowy texture for the command pods? I think the colour/textures on the Kraken capsule look absolutely gorgeous and will fit the overall theme of the rest of the game's parts.

again, this is looking fantastic and cannot wait for the release! great job!

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