Tiger Meet 2017

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Some pictures for  all aviation fanatics around here.

The 2017 editions is happening in France, the last time was in 2011, but for the first time it's at the BAN (Naval Air Station) Landivisiau in Brittany instead of the traditional Cambrai air force base they used all the times before since 64.

Our family house being just at an hour of driving from Landi' my father just make the trip today and sent me the pictures. Alas only the French Navy flew today, all the other members being grounded.



Morane-Saulnier MS.760 "Paris" leading a Fouga "Magister" and a Dassault "Rafale-M".



Grumman E-2C "Hawkeye" 2000 with its simple special livery.



AgustaWestland AW101.


Then now enters the Tiger!














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I hope it will not be considered as a "necro" but I re-up it as my father sent me some new ones.

She were taken by him and other by one of his friends who also is a professional, taking aircraft pictures all around the world.


One of the French Navy Rafale climbing up at full AB.



Welcome to the Belgians! I'm not totally sure about the CASA 295 operator but it seems like one of the Czech Air Force.




French Air Force Airbus A400M Atlas.




Bongiorno to the Italians arriving onboard their Eurofighter EJ2000s...



And their Bell 212, in a typical Italian paint!



A tiger Gazelle. Probably a camouflage from the prey to become the predator...




My two favorite. A French Navy Rafale leading a Luftwaffe Tornado ECR, a Luftstreitkrafte (Austria) Saab 105 and a Luchtmacht (Netherland) F-16A over the Mont Saint Michel.



Italians again.



The Czech once again made a beautiful work with one of their four Saab Gripen they sent here!



Rafale pilot.



Another shot of the Tiger Rafale.



Dual take-off by the Rafale display team. Following the Tiger Meet they went to the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton meeting.

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Excuse my ignorance ('m american, so I haven't heard of this), but what exactly is the tigermeet?

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Don't worry, personally I stayed years without knowing the Maple Flag exercise.

The Tiger Meet is an exercise but created to enhance the solidarity between the NATO members. Each year, since 1961, multiple members are sending a squadron for the meeting but the rule is to send at least one aircraft with a Tiger theme painted on. If I'm not making any mistake it originally was a project from a French defense minister which led to an association of the Armee de l'Air, the R.A.F and the U.S.A.F a bit later for the first exercise.

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Maybe it's a little bit oudated subject, but I wanted to share you a wonderful vid of the Tiger Meet 2017 made by the French Naval Air Force (l' Aéronavale) :


As I'm living at about 1 hr of road for Landivisiau, I heard them fly :) However, I was unable to see them from my location. Exept a few times.

Enjoy !

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