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'KSP.exe caused an access violation in module KSP.exe'


Hi, while loading the game, it crashed, and upon checking the crash log, it said this: KSP.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)
  in module KSP.exe at 0023:00d91502.

So the actual game crashed the game?

If KSP.exe is the game, then how can the game crash the game.

Please help, TCIS

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Upload your output log, not your crash log, to Dropbox or pastebin, and put the link here for everyone to look at. That little bit of an error you posted is not helpful. The game is not crashing the game, it's something's else. 

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5 hours ago, The_Cat_In_Space said:

Right, so I get the newest version of ModuleManager, and only have one version?

Yes. And delete every file in the gamedata folder with ModuleManager in it's name that isn't the new .dll


Don't worry. The new .dll will rebuild the cache the first time the game loads again.

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11 hours ago, The_Cat_In_Space said:


I solved it! I found out that it was Karbonite causing the issue. I deleted Karbonite, and the game loads and works fine! I think something between MM and Karbonite, like the Karbonite resource, caused an issue.

Nope Karbonite works fine in 1.3. Make sure you've updated to its 1.3 version.

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