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Apollo 11 Realistic Mission (Stock parts)

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I have recently improved my Saturn V replica, and conducted a mock mission of Apollo 11 to the Moon (Mun) in KSP, using real NASA Audio. Its made with a 100% stock parts and looks as realistic as I could make it with the help of fairings.

I felt it appropriate as the Apollo 11 anniversary is soon coming up. 

Check out the video:


If you want the craft file I have it on Curse.com: https://mods.curse.com/shareables/kerbal/245459-stock-saturn-v

Here are some pictures 





I recorded the video and took these screenshots with the following visual mods (they are pretty good):



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Nice craft, man. Well done.

The only thing that is bothering me is that weird fairing under the heatshield of your CSM. Personally I would use the (less known) upper attachment node for a cleaner look. But that is nitpicking really.

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