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Please Create an aircraft that uses stock parts. The only mods allowed are for additional launch sites or graphics enhancements. the idea is to create an unenhanced (let me mention the debug menu is only allowed if you wish to use object thrower) aircraft capable of reaching speeds above Mach 3. If on a PC install please include link to KerbalX.

EDIT: With jet engines and it must be crewed with some way for all kerbals to live and at least 1/2 the parts recovered.

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Hmm, let's see.


There, Mach 5.8.

No offense, but this is a prime example of an ill-thought-out challenge. There is nothing to work with here. It took all of 10 seconds to build this.

If you want to make this a little more interesting, you could specify stuff. Like, "build a HTOL, single-stage, pure-airbreathing vehicle capable of exceeding Mach 3 in level, sustained flight and returning to the runway. Must carry at least 2 kerbals. Lowest takeoff mass wins." That would be interesting.

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I agree with @sevenperforce, this kind of challenge have no limitations or anything to work for building or launching the craft, if you just specify:

-stock parts

-fly above mach 3

-no debug/cheats

Then all I had to do is simply pick mk1 command pod, slap an orange fuel tank with tailfins and strap a vector booster behind it. It'll probably even reached mach 5 and then gets destroyed by overheating (hey, you didn't mention the craft had to survive) but there it is, I did exceed mach 3. I don't want to offend or disappoint you, but if you want to issue a challenge, at least make us do something that's challenging enough that not everyone can do it. This challenge can be completed with basically starting tech level in career (a command pod and a bunch of SRB strapped together)

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