Do you use command pods monopropellant?

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  1. 1. Do you use the monopropellant stored in Command Pods?

    • I do use the monopropellant stored in Command Pods
    • I do not use the monopropellant stored in Command Pods
    • I wasn't aware they had monopropellant tanks!

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8 hours ago, Starman4308 said:

To be fair, it does add a bit of operational flexibility; if, say, you eject the pod from the service module and want to tweak your reentry a bit, it's nice to have that RCS available. It's why I often slap a couple of the linear RCS ports onto Mk 1 pods and a ring of quad-ports onto larger capsules. I will, however, grant that with many types of staging design, it probably overall reduces available delta-V; it just adds a bit of delta-V that isn't gone even after service module separation.

Part of what ameliorates things for me is that Real Fuels drops the mass of the parts significantly (11 kg for the linear ports, 15 kg for the extra-light quad blocks added by KW Rocketry), so there's less lost by adding the RCS ports. It doesn't help with the heavy, low-Isp hydrazine, but it's a tradeoff I'm willing to make for a small amount of last-second maneuverability.

I usually keep the monoprop in the pod as well & add rcs thrusters too, for docking, fine adjustment of my orbit etc. I leave them off pretty much only when it's a small-ish craft that can maneuver with pod torque alone and doesn't need to dock with anything. Then the extra dv gained by leaving them out can be pretty significant compared to the nice-ness of having RCS.

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I never add RCS thrusters, but I often forget to empty the command pod tanks.

I do most of my docking with the Klaw or KAS, so the extra lateral precision is not worth the bother of using a second control scheme that I rarely use. 

(admittedly I use Sr ports for my DIY Kit delivery rockets with one on each side of the kit so that I can re-attach the nose(with a sky-hook for placing the kit and re-docking), but I still find it easier to re-connect by having SAS set on 'up' and tweaking direction with quick taps on the keyboard while the engines are throttled to a TWR close to 1.0; fuel at this point is not a concern as this is a drone placing either a base or a base expansion, and so happy to wait for the base to refuel it)

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