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Tantares had one, so why not BDB too? :P

   Hello fellow kerbonauts! his is a thread for you to post all of your preposterous creations made using the brilliant Bluedog Design Bureau mod - as long as it's not a replica of any real-world craft! Hopefully this thread will display the creativity this mod unleashes upon you, leading you to build stuff that NASA never even thought of! They better not introduce any of their pesky budget cuts here!

However, there are a few rules,

1: The craft must use BDB parts (duh!).

2: The craft must not be a replica of any real-world craft.

3: You better have fun or else I'll be around to your house with a sledgehammer and a 50 cal. machine gun  - no exceptions!

   I'll kickstart this thread by introducing one of my first creations with BDB parts - the ROTV - or the Reusable Orbital Test Vehicle.


This vehicle is basically an SIVB stage, with four radial engines for orbital maneuvering, a ballute, many, many parachutes, landing legs, a cockpit for two, and a large cargo bay. (You only live twice, anyone?)

The vehicle is launched from a Jool-1 rocket, basically a Saturn 1B fuel tank, with an adapter down to 2.5 metres, and then an F-1A engine clipped into the rear of the adapter. Now, to see this baby in action!



Now, the ROTV is designed to retrieve payloads that are stranded in orbit, and return them to Kerbin. Here we see the majestic vehicle snatch a top-secret US Air Force space station out of orbit, for the plot of a James Bond film as the station was launched without authorisation, and contained nuclear warheads aboard, which broke an international treaty.




After grabbing the station and fitting it snugly inside of the cargo bay of the ROTV, the vehicle performs a de-orbit burn, deploying its ballute at 45 kilometeres, the drogue parachutes at 10 kilometres, and the main parachutes at 7 kilometres, successfully completing an unpowered landing in... the middle of nowhere.


More information on this strange vehicle is found here:


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May I present to you: Cryo-Falcone. 9 J2-SLs on bottom, assisted by twin SRBs, a single J-2S in the second stage, & a Kane on top. Suprisingly capable in QSRSS.


A modified version of this is my primary crew launcher. It has a lighter second stage and no SRBs - Perfect for pre-launch raising.


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I had been meaning to set one up for awhile. Glad to see some one besides me felt it was a good Idea!!!

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The Type 2 Muttle (KSS Hungry Ghost)


This is my Mun Shuttle (Muttle, for short). It's primarily built for tourism and surface base crew rotations on Mun and Minmus.


Weighing in at over a hundred tons fully fuelled, she's quite the beast. In effect, the Type 2 Muttle is constructed from an S-IVB's tank with an S-IVC's adaptor. The engines are Contares. The landing gear are from KRE, The bridge is a five-seat Kane capsule. I have no idea where I got the RCS thrusters from, but I know the monopropellant tanks are Tantares.

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This is very BIG WIP moon orbiter codename PIEROT  . I play RSS with SMURFF and with cryogenic moon transfer stage it should get easly to Moon orbit and back , without cryogenic transfer stage it should do Moon fly-by . Main tasks are maitenance of satelites in Moon orbit and carrying tourist willing to pay for Moon flyby . Total mass ~11 T , DeltaV a little above 5000  , ~3600 without cryo stage. There is high chance Cryo transfer stage will grow a bit as i might need more fuel for orbital maneuvers around moon.




So after some time PIEROT evolved , vessel was too small to make it multi-stage , not worth it . In current state it has 5000 dV , it gains up to 500 additional dV when draining RCS tanks . Enough to get to Moon orbit and back  . 3 Succesful missions , 2 tests and third was recovery of data from unmanned Moon lander that was stranded in Moon orbit thanks to some mistakes during staging .




Whole craft and rocket build using mainly BDB parts , all engines are BDB , tanks procedural . For some reason BDB parts and engines work very well with SMURFF . They just fit perfectly
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This is my Etoh Heavy launcher, basically three etoh cores strapped together with an LV-909 or Belle upper stage. It can put three or four tons into orbit, and send several hundred kilos to Duna, which is what it's doing in this image. (The Grace - VII Duna mapping satellite.)

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