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To the Mun like in Apollo missions

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Hi All


I have been playing KSP for 3 years now, I love this game and I never really got involved with the community so this is my first time :$ - but this time, I wanted to share with you all a mission Ive done to the mum using my version of the Saturn V :)


Awesome experience, not 100% replicated but i'm surprised that worked really well.. although I had to waste half of the fuel in the 3rd stage, i got back with plenty left!


my mods include KW rocketry, Tweak scale, kraken science, Apollo lander, scatterer, in between others... all in the new version 1.3 !! waiting for more mods though LOL

here is the link to the images in case the below doesnt work,




I would love to answer your questions!


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Hello, and welcome to the forums!  :)

Moving to "Mission Reports", since that's the area of the forum that's generally for this sort of thing (i.e. "look at this cool thing I did").

And congratulations on your successful mission!

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This looks like a pretty good mission, from what I can see. However, I think your screenshots could perhaps be improved somewhat - this is quite common for people who are new to displaying their missions on the forums, as players know what their spacecraft looks like but forum users viewing your mission can only see what's visible in screenshots, and it's easy to overlook that. In future, I'd suggest trying to get pictures of spacecraft when they're illuminated by the sun when possible. Doing that makes it a lot easier for people to see the details of your spacecraft. I personally always plan my missions so that they take place mostly in the sunlight, which helps. Taking good screenshots is definitely something which in part comes with experience, but trying to make sure the spacecraft is well-illuminated is always a good start.

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I dunno; getting to the Mum is an important part of any Apollo mission. Mums tend to get rather upset when that doesn't happen.

Also, for illumination, you might try Ambient Light Adjustment, which kills a little bit of realism, but makes screenshots in the dark much brighter.

I've also learned to slap a lot of spotlights onto my space stations, and possibly other vehicles I might use for docking.

Finally, nice job. You might try submitting it to the Apollo Style Redux challenge if it'd score well.


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