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Probe Getting Stuck In Payload Doors


So i'm fairly new to this game and i decide i wanted to build a probe, so i did and i built a rocket with mk3 cargo doors to put it into space. My goal was to try and get into orbit then open the cargo doors and have the probe released. Once i got into orbit and opened the doors, activated the radial decouplers nothing happened. The probe was just sitting in the doors and it wasn't even attached to anything. i tried wiggling the ship around but nothing happened still. If Anyone has any idea on how to fix this it would be appreciated.

Thank you.








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9 hours ago, KangaJPC said:

They were attached to girder's attached to the side. I will try to place them on the end.

I don't see any girders in your pictures. Did they explode when you staged the decouplers?

Your pictures and description makes me think that the probe was never attached to the cargo bay through the decouplers, but rather was accidentally surface attached to the wall of the cargo bay or joined to an end node. Is that possible?

Did you create the probe as a subassembly and add it to the cargo bay, or did you build the cargo bay around the probe?

And welcome to the forums, I hope you can let us know how you're getting along.

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If it just get stuck inside after decoupling putting it on rails (warping) can make it pass through the walls of the cargo bay.  Just wait until it is entirely outside before leaving warp. 

If that don't solve the problem it's because you actually attached it to cargo bay instead of a decoupler. 

BTW I'm a bit curious about the odd design.  And also why you didn't used a fairing. 

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