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My Mission Flags/Patches


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These are are selection of flags, patches, and drawing made by me in Microsoft Paint. Feel free to use them wherever you want. I shall be accepting requests. Send me a PM if you want a flag/patch done for you.

Hello guys! It's me, again. This is just a thread for me to showcase the drawings, flags, and patches that I draw using the simplest of imaging software, Microsoft Paint. I, as the above clearly states, shall be accepting flag/patch requests. Here are my first couple of drawings:

This was my first ever drawing with Microsoft Paint:


Very simple, as you can see.

This was my second, an Apollo CSM with an SIVB, presumably performing the Trans-Lunar/Munar Injection Burn:


This was my third, a drawing that I'm not too happy with - a Saturn V launching:


My fourth, and my personal favourite, a Mercury capsule re-entering the atmosphere:


And, my fifth, and, currently, my last drawing, an Icarus spacecraft while in orbit. The Icarus spacecraft was the spacecraft I used to put the first Americans into orbit. (More here.)


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I made these a few hours ago; they're advertisements from a fictional newspaper that I have in my ETS-style mission reports series:


I also drew this picture of a Nitrogen spacecraft from Cydonian Monk's Forgotten Space Program. It wasn't a request or a commission, I just sort of wanted to draw something from his KSP novel. And so I did:


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I made another piece of art for my signature, this one to replace the placeholder of an SIVB + Apollo CSM performing a TLI burn for NISSKEPCSIM's Career.


I also finished off a picture I began last night; An Orion MPCV separating from an SLS Block-1.



Woah woah woah woah!!! What is that!?


I wonder... I'll be back in a minute to explain...

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... It was a Blue Gemini! Honest! It wasn't just a small slip with the brush!

Here, see... zoom and enhance! Whatcha mean, it's still only 10 pixels!? Okay, thank you! Whew. Glad that's over. Anyway, here's that pic of the "mysterious object."


A Blue Gemini spacecraft docked to a heavily modified Agena target vehicle, equipped with a launchable nuclear missile, and a large arm for snatching other spacecraft and stations... it was going to snatch the Nitrogen out of orbit!

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After a three-day long hiatus involving a fried router due to a power surge, and no internet, I did the only thing I could to entertain myself - put Jeb in a plane with twenty Whiplashes and fly around kerbin in less than ten minutes draw an absolute metric ton of patches and pictures in Microsoft paint!










And an absolutely terrible rendition of my dog:


Oh, and this piece of abstract art:


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