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capt: scarlet

Is It Safe to re-load modual Manager for 1.3


I thought i'd turned off beta up grade in steam, after the may crash/ send error message to team?? took MM out and re run 1.2.2 But now I noticed on boot up ( bottom right corner ) it shows 1.3...18??)

does this mean Squad is being updated?? I;d like to no what mods work,, camera's docking, im not keen on the present docking assistant, not life like enough...

regards Brian

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Version 1.3 is out of beta, which is why KSP was updated on you.

To downgrade to 1.2.2, follow these instructions

To avoid problems like this in the future, copy the KSP folder (under Steam/steamapps/common), and then play KSP from the copy. That way, Steam doesn't auto-update the copy, and you always have a pristine installation of the latest version if you want to try it.

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