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Best settings.cfg configuration?


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There's a nice custom config file around here somewhere for very low-spec computers that manages to help with framerate issues nicely... can't seem to find it, though. Must have gone AWOL with the move to the new forum. As to high-end computers, just set everything to highest xD

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(do you want the best settings as in to work fastest, or to look the best?)

well this is to the best of my knowledge

"max physics delta-time per frame" under general...is the amount of effort that goes into physics, (not sure about specifics) but setting the slider to the left is for less processing power, so better frames, and as to the right is better physics, but can kill your computer (unless it kicks ass), I personally have it set to far left, and it works great

and in graphics...scenery and rendering seem pretty straight forward, and in video, "anti-aliasing" I think has something to do with how textures fit together (like it affects how the edges join or something), the higher the number the better (graphics wise) ie 8x is best, so setting it to off makes it run faster.

and v-sync I think is similar to a frame limiter, I would recommend setting this to "don't sync", and then set the "frame limit" to your monitor's refresh rate, which as far as I know is 60fps for everyone so yea (if the frame limit is higher than the refresh rate of the monitor (and assuming your graphics card can push out better frames) then the computer will be working overtime to give you better frames than is physically possible, so will just slow your computer down).

Hope this helps in some way (also Im not sure if all of what Ive said here is fact, but I think its close to factual)

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