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Voyager Labs Aeronautics and Space Administration (ORDERS ON HOLD ATM)


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Welcome to the Voyager Labs Aeronautics and Space administration page, We are accepting orders for Stock and Probodyne rockets and sattelites. Our main goal is to explore the known and unknown universe of the kerbals.


---------------Vice CEO

Mnnm1234-Head Rocket Scientist

Alline1999-Head Aircraft Scientist

Darkwolfpaw54-Rocket Scientist




Jeb Thrillmaster-Engineer

Kerbalgamer-Aircraft Engineer

Princess Venus-Aircraft Engineer

-------------Aircraft Engineer

Plaatinum Aerospace-Receptionist

---------Our second goal is Launching Private and Voyager Labs cargos, Kerbonauts, Sattelites, And Rovers. Our main Launch Vehicle is the Plooto I.

Download for our Spacecraft and Aircraft


The Plooto I is the Most versatile and innovational Design of Voyager Labs. It is responsible for delivering kerbals and cargo to orbit. The largest payload's it has carried is a small space station and the Munar booster stage to the Munar Link Munar orbiter. Its first Manned launch will be the KTO (Kerbin To Orbit) 1. There are Two variants of the Plooto I:



Keep posted for news on launches.

The Plooto II is the "Just In" Project and is just being Declassified, Not much is known but this picture.


After the failure of the Plooto III and IV Munshot program we had to pick up the pace and we started looking at Robug Labs Murs I and II and thought "Hmm why not liquid boosters and NERVA's". This is probably the largest lift rocket we have built ATM and is used for Mun missions and lifting Space station cores into orbit.



Mecury Tribute, As you should know the First Orbital flight of NASA was 1962 By John Glenn, This Is a 50 Years in orbit Tribute. This Spacecraft is Suborbital just like the Real Thing.


Mecury Tribute, As you should know the First Orbital flight of NASA was 1962 By John Glenn, This Is a 50 Years in orbit Tribute. This Spacecraft is Orbital just like the Real Thing


Mercury Tribute

How to Place An Order:

Option 1: Message Plaatinum Aerospace our Receptionist or the CEO Sbowyer28 and we will make sure the order gets where it needs to go.

Option 2: Post it on our blog or on our wall, Im working on the blog and it should be put up later.

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Aircraft/ VTOL's

Masterfully created by Bigpapabearxx and probably the best folding aircraft VL Has ever seen. You have to give us credit, Folding aircraft are difficult to make that look good. Created during the Second Kerbal war for light shipping and can be used even on ships!


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Missions List

Note: Most of these use Probodyne and KW PLF if there is any mod I missed please Message me and I will fix it.

KW Link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/2448-0-16-KW-Rocketry-v0-5

Silisko Probodobodyne Link: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/12237-Silisko-Industries-Addon-Development-Thread-2

Not much to say Except it is basicly the origins of Voyager labs and the first Sattelite I've launched that has a purpose.


The first Voyager Labs funded sattelite and specialized for Communication with Kerbin And if in the right place Boosts the signal from a Minmus probe. It is the most important asset of Voyager labs Munar exploration.



Designed for searching for Landing areas and has found one, It is the second most important asset for Future Munar missions. It was infact launched on time.



The First Probe landing for Voyager Labs on any other celestial body other than Kerbin. It landed outside Mun Tranquilius and succeeded in finding Ice Water below the Munar soil.



The first probe launched by Voyager labs to Minmus, The frozen moon of Kerbin. It is used to boost signals from interplanetary craft and Minmus Spacecraft.


Voyager labs FIRST Interplanetary craft, Used for transmitting Photos of duna for Scientific Hyjin..... Research. This was the first test flight of the interplanetary Plooto II.



The first probe to Kerbin's sister planet, Or so we thought. This probe was sent to investigate Eve to see if the rumors of life were true, Eve express never found any life and turns out it is a steaming 200 Degrees Celsius, Inhospitable.



Voyager Lab's first attempt at sending a lander to Duna and successfully landing, The mission was successful and proved you can land with a parachute and a VERY weak engine.



Voyager Labs third mission to Duna and possible the most successful failure in Kerbal History. The original plan was for it to land near the "Face" but there was a lack of fuel and they had to change there landing target to ike and land manually with the 4 minute delay. It was successful and here is a picture.



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OK I Want A Small Space Station For Low Kerbin Orbit With A Telescope And A Powerful Communication Thing

Use These For Stuff Probodyne Bace Co ISS Map thing And Stock.

- Kerbin Space Program leader Mnmn1234 "We Will Get There Soon"

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No problem, The customer is always right, Plus my Murs series Murs I and II should be good, If you wanna see them look at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaiF...p;feature=plcp The Murs 2 is the second pic, Six boosters and the Murs III Is the first pic, Too many boosters for heavier loads. Im done with the rocket series so anyone can have them.

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Offtopic for a second;

No problem, The customer is always right.

Now, where have I heard that before?

(Looks at your avatar)

Back on topic. That's a very... Interesting timetable setup to say the least. Also, I must say, the Plooto I is quite a nice rocket.

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