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Sputnik 1

1.3 Terrain Bug?


So I recently got back into KSP after I noticed the recent update. After flying missions to and from both the mun and minmus I noticed this crazy terrain glitch that keeps happening. Random sections of every planet or moon will start lifting off into the sky leaving a square hole in their place. If you attempt to land or jump in these holes your craft/kerbal will instantly explode. I noticed the same thing was happening to Scott Manley in a video (Around 11:10)


Two pictures of my own that I took while in game:



I don't have any mods other than scatterer, and I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem as well, any help would be appreciated.



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26 minutes ago, T.A.P.O.R. said:

Scatterer. Disable the ocean shader :)

Sweet it worked! Thanks a bunch!

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