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Night Owl - v1 (Stock)

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Do you want a fast*, free**, stock and agile fighter jet that comes with free snacks****?

Introducing the:




*Only when Without missiles. **Only with sandbox. ***Missiles only on some models. They look cheap but are :funds::funds::funds::funds:..... **** Costs :funds:200 more. Still only a limited supply. ***** 1984 Koeing 757 style flight deck.... very advanced. ****** Target has to be a very large VTOL or the missiles will miss.


(If you don’t care about cheesy Kerbal advertising and just spawns the Stats, skip this part.)
Featuring 4 Mini tails (Two on the edge of each wing {which also reduce drag and increase handling} and two on the rear of the fuselage), 2 Panther Afterburning Turbofans that give it a short take off run that takes about 4 seconds, large fuel tanks, a unique delta wing that is large, increases agility and makes the NIGHT OWL go faster. It also includes 8 powerful war rockets with 4 on each wing, inspired by the missiles in Danny2462's Kirrim on Duty YouTube Video***. Featuring a Advanced***** Flight deck That can be used for anything including bombing, simple air to air****** or just cruisin' around.
About the Engines:

If you ever loose control of your NIGHT OWL just press ACTION GROUP 1 To engage the powerful Afterburner. It will put you back in control instantly. BAM! The Engines also have a thrust vectoring system that gives it even more Agility. 


Thanks to the engines and Canards, the plane can literally turn around on the spot and not lose control! Wow!




Weight: 13.380t

37 Parts

Height: 3.1m 

Width 9.9m 

Length 12.9m 

Wingspan: 3.6m

Top Speed in level Flight (300 metres MSL) 902m/s (could go faster, but engines begin to overheat at that speed and at that altitude)


Night Owl (No Missiles)

Night Owl (Still Stock with 8 Missiles)



Be Careful not to takeoff below around 50m/s or you might tail scrape and damage the engines.


Feel free to give Feedback so someday I can make NIGHT OWL v-2.

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Anyone who has downloaded this, I need feedback to make it better. If you want a better version, just say what is good and what is bad and I will change it for V2


Im thinking of a simple tracking missle on the next one. It will be aerodynamic and look actually missile like and will have a basic stock targeting system of clicking on your target and setting your SAS. Tell me what you think on this idea.

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I would reccomend sizing it down slightly. Also, you could rework the missiles and build new one with an I-Beam core, and four separatrons instead of two, making them smaller, faster and more damaging. Mounting them under the wings would look better as well. 

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Thanks! I’m thinking of dramatically changing the missiles to a AiM-9/ AGM-65 design although I will use separations and the I-Beams as you said, and then have a streamlined case.. I dont think i will size it down though.  It’s current Large design is suitable for its engine and gives agility. Thanks again!

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