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You know "railings" right? They come in numerous types, but a large proportion of them look something along these lines:


I used to be strongly of the opinion that they must be spears in long-term storage, in wait for "the coming of the great dragon".

It seemed to make alot of sense, I was quite nonchalant about it (Because it was obvious that the dragon wasnt coming for quite a while, otherwise why would they be in such long-term storage? When you see someone taking them down, thats when to worry.)


I was also terrified of watching the news. Why? Because at the time the "ozone hole" was a big thing, and I thought one day all of the air would "leak out" through the hole.

Obviously the newsrooms would be affected first, I was afraid one day I would see the news and they would all be wearing spacesuits which would mean that it was happening.

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I'm in middle school, 6th grade, and the class is screaming about something, don't remember what. I'm reading my book, again,don't remember what book, and the teacher notices. To shut the class up she screams that she is gona by me McDonalds. At this point I've looked up from the book and everyone is looking at me (I still didn't know what was happening) and then I got McDonald's for lunch and permanently was marked as class pet and still am years later...

lifes wierd sometimes

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