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Arado Ar-234 V7 stock jet reconnaissance bomber

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So yea to spice things up a bit i'm going to be presenting this to you in a casual tone. Also because i'm too lazy to be professional. 

So yea, back from my loooooong hiatus after finishing school, my time has freed up.

So here we go first of all craft file, Spaceplane hangar:   enjoy, or as the swedes say it, enyoy. 

This plane is my go at replicating the famous WWII German jet reconnaissance bomber which was ahead in technology by years. I'm working on a version that carries landing gear and bombs at this moment so it shouldn't be long before I come out with the V9 version. Don't worry this version the V7, isn't suppose to have gear, just a landing skid. From testing it looks like you can only land on the runway to have fun. I'm kinda hungry right now, ate some lays earlier and they were crap. Anyways action groups.


1. Release crew capsule
2. Release dolly
3. Release Rocket packs
4. Raise Flaps
5. Landing Procedure Equipment 
1. Transfer the kerbal into seat
2. Action Group 1
3. SAS
4. Full throttle and press Space
5. Pull up, once in air press Action group 2
6. Once Rocket packs run out press Action group 3
7. Then press Action group 4 to retract flaps
8. To land, press Action group 5 and land on the runway.
Rocket packs
Lifting off, dolly soon to be jettisoned
Rocket pack jettison
Good landing
Bad landing (note engine stabilizers keeping ground from striking wing)
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