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EAS-1: Misaligned parts upon loading a save



Greetings. I've encountered a peculiar bug which appears rather consistently when certain conditions are met:

1. A vessel must be in orbit

2. It must have a manned EAS-1 command seat

When I load a save file created in flight under these conditions, some of the vessel's parts are misaligned. Usually it's the wheels, the landing gear, the command seat or the kerbal manning it.

I'm using a number of mods: KIS, KAS, KER, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Throttle Controlled Avionics, RCS

 Build Aid, Atomic Age, QuizTechAero, a bunch of other part packs.

But the first time I encountered this bug I was flying a spaceplane only made of stock parts. Vessel mass matters a lot for a spaceplane, especially if you only have panther engines. So a command seat stowed into a 1,25m service bay seemed the best solution for a rescue mission. Naturally I saved the game when the stranded kerbal got aboard. Can't remember what made me load it, but when I was about to land at Kerbin I noticed that the fore gear is skewed about 30 degrees aside.

A similar thing happened to a flying rover when I decided to take an engineer along for an orbital mission - the wheels got all screwed up.

Both the spaceplane and the rover are included in the following footage. The bug conditions are simulated 2 times for each vessel.

If anyone has an idea what might have caused this, please tell.


UPD: The parts get back to normal after going to space center and then back to the vessel. Which makes this bug a lot less critical

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While I can't say for sure, I would guess that it's Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, as it does manipulate the properties of joints/connections on ships. It might be that stuff shifts slightly on loading, and KJR is sometimes locking stuff in place before it can get back to the right spot (not sure if that makes sense). Perhaps try the same steps with KJR uninstalled and see what happens?

Do you by any chance have the stock autostruts enabled on some of the parts? On occasion I've had things end up bent into weird shapes and then locked in place due to those.

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