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Just Started, I have no clue how to get science. [Solved]


I literally just started playing, I've played for an hour or two but have no clue how I'm supposed to get more science. I've gotten about 12 overall and got the first two researches but don't know how to get more. I tried reading through the manual but that didn't help. Any advice is greatly appreciated. 


Figured it out, I was having trouble landing air crafts from high altitudes because I was keeping my engines attached. After I figured how to launch my ships higher and not crash, I got a lot of science for reaching space and back.

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There's also a fair amount of science to be harvested from the different buildings of the KSC.

Early in the game you can make a makeshift rover out of a cockpit, small jet fuel tank, Juno engine, and small landing gear. Throw some science experiments and batteries on it and you can get different science points from the launch pad, space plane hangar, VAB, tracking station and its dishes, astronaut complex, administration building, runway, crawler way, and several different buildings in the R&D complex, etc...

Just be careful to not get your "rover" stuck in a corner because you won't be able to back up (unless you put an engine on the front facing backwards and toggle it separately.)

Adding an experiment storage unit to the craft will make it a lot easier to quickly collect the science results each time too since it can collect the science results from all of your experiments without having to go out and collect them from each instrument every time.

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