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Another shovel-load dug deeper into KSP pre-history! (HarvesteR's old rock band)

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Ok, with apologies on standby for the semi-completely-shameless attention grab post here... 

but I do believe every true KSP fan would massively appreciate a chance to hear first hand just where the "musical knowy-ness" that brought us the KSP main theme has originated.  

To those who don't known, before we ever realized that making games was ideal as a career and music as a hobby - and NOT the other way around - myself, my brother (HarversteR), plus another founding father of the "S.R.P-4 Kerbal Kardboard Rocketry Klub" were wholeheartedly committed to becoming a major rock band in the ranks of MetallicA (no ambitions, right... simple plan)

So there you go - the original album of a band that up until half-way into that album, went by the name "Bad Harvest"

insert deep mental connections about that name here:  [  ← JACK; 9v DC; INDOOR USE ONLY  ]


I thoroughly recommend exploring all songs in the playlist - as one of them happens to almost prophetically describe the legend of Jebediah Kerman in its lyrics... it was written over 10 years before any Kerbal had ever been named "Jeb" (though Kerbals predate even Vanquish)


the band lasted for some 10 years, though by that extreme end of it's duration span I had remained as the only original founding member of the band...  just the same drummer was unchanged since Crossbones, though he had not been one of the original three who started the whole affair, and had in fact joined in just prior to us recording this album... 

alas, it had not been considered well enough that, at our particular geographic location at that point in time, an english-speaking band was in dire shortness of translating... most of our erstwhile countrymen were more or less hard-pressed to even pronounce the word "Vanquish" (albeit it having been chosen after much lucubration over backwards-compatible band names to latin languages) - let alone them understand the lyrics we worked so hard on.... 

...of course, if ppl had there had such trouble with pronouncing "Vanquish" correctly, it becomes cruelly obvious just WHY we had to think of it as a more-easily-read-by-portuguese-speakers alternative to "Bad Harvest"...     in retrospect, ppl messed it up anyway - might as well have spared ourselves the effort

well - obviously, immigration was a step that had to have been taken PRIOR to attempting to cater to the rocker crowd (of which there are only a thin few in south america) - well, in retrospect... right?  


oh well - business model fail aside - we did put together a pretty sweet band in those years (2004~2009~ish, before they ruined it* ) -- I still think this first album was really just the exact kind of music we felt like we should inflict upon the world

* this was a development that followed our second album, "One Man Army" - HarvesteR had been at a safe distance in Mexico by that time... he was the first to see the hull-breaching sh'tberg that lay ahead, I think - he bailed out right before the actual recording started... and soon after "One Man Army" was complete, left the Bassist....    what came after is a story much to unsavoury to fully explore, even for my well known quasi-random, uncontainably digressive writing style....  in short: it sucked, and some involved should feel plenty bad about it - I did my best, but facing the inevitable, I chose to let them sink with that over which they so intently struggled such that it became "THEIR ship"


anyways - rock on! we made this music because we felt like doing so - and that is what it's all about....

and something about Kerbals too, I think  :P   






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