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Description bug in Antennas: stock and translations

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Several of our members have pointed to inconsistency in stock antenna description, as well as in translations.

Basically, Antennas can do Direct communication (not "directional") or serve as Relay. Direct communication means antenna can only send/receive, but not transfer/tunnel.
This is correct in stock except this inconsistency:

The Communotron 88-88 directional antenna allows for far more reliable communication at longer ranges than previous models. This is thanks in part to its patented parabolic folding design, which our research team maintains was not inspired by an umbrella.

where it should say "direct antenna" instead of "directional".

Directional in antennas is about different thing - ability to send/receive/transfer in one or many directions so they have to be rotated, they are subclassified as "uni-" and "omni-" directional accordingly.
Its not about straight or bouncing, but about in which direction the antenna can physically send signals to.
Stock does not implement directional antennas, where antenna points does not play a role.


Translations in 1.3 may also incorrectly translate the word "direct", using "directional" instead.
For example, Russian translation calls them "directional" ("направленные", as in "directed"), where they should be called "direct" ("прямая связь", as in "straight connection").

Reaching out to  @TriggerAu @JPLRepo

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