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Should the Stearwing D45 be brought back?  

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  1. 1. Should the Stearwing D45 be brought back?

    • Yes, it should.
    • Don't know/Don't care
    • No, it shouldn't

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The majestic Stearwing D45 has always been a personal favorite of mine. The forward swept wings, the dual stages, the MK2 design, and amazing abilities, all contribute to its beauty. 

The Stearwing D45 features a unique two-stage design: The first stage takes it up to the edge of the atmosphere and nearly to orbital speed. The second stage kicks in just as the turbines start to flame out, and twin LV 909 rockets take it from there out to space.
The D45 carries a crew of 2 plus 4 passengers in a pressurized cabin, as well as up to 6 more in its cargo bay seats.
Vernor thrusters are located in the bay and aft sections. Press 1 (twice) to disable them before takeoff.

— Official Description

Then, Squad decided to remove it instead of editing it for the new aerodynamics in 1.1Stearwing_D45_on_the_runway.png

Of course, you can always get it from previous versions, but the new aerodynamics mean it doesn't work as well. Why? Why not change it to fit the new aerodynamics? You may ask, well, Squad has its reasons.


So why not get an opinion from the public, on whether it should be brought back or not?

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Personally, I think it should be re-added. Mainly because I tried to replicate it in 1.3 and got this:



...which can actually get to orbit and return to Kerbin. So, it can be done in 1.3.

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ooooohhh boy time to dust off the old soap-box.

So early in my days of KSP, I tried the Kerbal X rocket. And I sucked. badly. As in like Scott Manley would shoot himself badly. So, I decided to hit the space plane hangar. And the first plane I saw was this.... thing. A plane with passengers and rockets and.. Weird wing shapes and everything. So I took off. Kapow, engine gone. Take 2. I pitch up perfectly.

And I'm not lying to you guys; I learned everything I know about KSP flying from the D45. I would spend a good 30 minutes flying around and seeing how good I could water ditch and land on uneven terrain. So please. I beg of you SQUAD staff. BRING BACK MY BABY!!!

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