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Should Squad update the textures on the SLS parts?

Should Squad update the textures on the SLS parts?  

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  1. 1. Should they update the SLS parts' textures?

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Since 2015, NASA has publicly released images with an unpainted SLS, which also had beautiful orange and gray stripes on the SRBs. Even before that, they were planning to leave the tank unpainted. But, Squad still left the SLS parts black and white. In my opinion, they should add some sort of texture switch so you can use both new and old color schemes for the SLS. So, my opinion is overall yes. What is you opinion?  Vote in the poll above! Also, please explain why you made that choice below in the thread!

Thanks, Bottle Rocketeer

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#1: Fix GC stutter.
#2: Fix DOA console port.
#3: Fix janky wet-noodle physics.
#4: Reduce memory consumption.
#5: Fix janky collision detection.
#6: Properly guard physics calculations to eliminate NaN kraken & co.
#7: Fix patcher.
#8: Wheels that are round and don't behave like catapults.
#9: Fix sliding while landed.
#10: Update to current Unity version.
#11: Fix bugs introduced by #10.
#12: Fix horrendous lag during explosions / disassembly.
#13: Improve miserable performance of aero effects.
#14: Improve miserable performance in general.
#15: Career mode that makes sense.
#16: Multiplayer, as promised.
#17: Clouds.
#18: Something to do on planets etc.
#19: GP2, as promised.
#20: Some end-game goals.
#237: Update textures.

Textures are so far down my list, I might as well say "don't care". So I did.

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2 hours ago, The Aziz said:

Yeah maybe, but.

These are Kerbodyne parts, not SLS. They just happen to look more or less like early vision of SLS modules.

Im surprised Kerbodyne did not get serious copyright issues. 


The Kerbodyne parts are indeed at least inspired by the SLS, without a doubt. And since they were added when KSP collaborated with NASA for the ARM update (0.23.5). They are without a doubt SLS parts.

But for the rest, i really dont care.

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I don't care about the SLS parts so much as I care about the older parts that need to be redone. SLS parts are fine and as far as I'm concerned SLS is just as much of a unicorn as Falcon 9 Heavy; until either flies I don't care about what they look like or whether and how much they lift.

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2 minutes ago, Bottle Rocketeer 500 said:

@regex What do you mean by older parts?

Anything older than SLS (which was, what, 0.23.5?) There's a lot of those parts and they need some love. SLS parts are just bland but they're okay at least.

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20 hours ago, evileye.x said:

SQUAD should repaint and remodel all rocket parts... 


Shouldn't we be asking Take Two Interactive to do this?  They're letting Squad do the actual legwork for now, but I imagine the decision to do so would be from TT?

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3 hours ago, Bottle Rocketeer 500 said:

Oh, that makes sense


I don't know, maybe it does, maybe it doesn't.  Its now almost 2 months (10 days shy) since the game and IP was sold to Take Two, but they have zero presence here and if they are the ones calling the shots now, they don't seem to have any interest in interacting with the community.  It would be nice to tell them what we're interested in.

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They're too far gone. The meshes are janky and low polly like they came out of 1996. Meanwhile the UVing is sloppy and inefficient and the texel density is all over the place making a texture retrofit completely impractical (believe me I've tried). The only solution is a complete art asset replacement.

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I like the styles of the parts, they have their own feel to them, they don't have to be realistically looking but I don't really think they should be completely changed

or at least an option for either the new ones or the old ones

but I wouldn't really like a texture update that much, I would like a performance update because I run on a barely-over-a-potato laptop, so for late game stuff with 200,000 parts I would need a better preformance

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9 hours ago, thereaverofdarkness2 said:

I'm happy with the way they look now, but I've always been happy with the remodels so I'm not invested in a change but I won't get bothered if one happens.

eggsactly! that is what I want as well!

high five!

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