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What are the wierd parts of our community

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On 7/23/2017 at 3:16 PM, cubinator said:

Some people only use KSP to make and drive land trains. I think that's weird, but they enjoy it a lot, so that's cool.

I am guilty of this. :D 


The weirdest part of this community I think is the Lounge. Residing there recently I can say that quite literally ANYTHING can go down in there. Because it doesn't have to do with KSP! Yet KSP community! :P Though I'm not one to judge...I think this is the first post Ive made that isn't in the Lounge in a LONG time...:blush:

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I would say the science and spaceflight forum gets its fair share of overly optimistic kids who plan to build an orbital rocket in their backyard and the occasional conspiracy theorist.

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