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Kermansky VK-02 "Kraken Killer" Dual-Rotor Turboshaft


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The Kraken Killer


Somebody asked me if I could create a "futuristic" looking helicopter and this is my response! Drawing inspiration from all across the board, including the Halo Pelican, the Fallout Vertibird, the C&C Orca, the Aerospatiale SA-2 and so many more. Though it may look different, the VK-02 is a traditional Turboshaft vehicle. Pumping out about 270kN per rotor and with a top speed of around 115 m/s. The Kraken Killer is easily the most stable and fastest Kermansky Helicopter to date. Even the greenest beginner should be able to pilot this craft with little trouble!


How to Operate:

1. Releases Rotors

2. Toggle VTOL engines

3. Toggle all Afterburners (craft will lift off if only VTOL is activated)

4. Toggle 2 of 4 Forward movement engines

5. Toggle the other 2 of 4 Forward engines



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18 hours ago, selfish_meme said:

Those bearings look like @EpicSpaceTroll139's, it seems they are very resilient to g-forces. It's an epic craft though by any measure, and wow, did it get some air time on reddit.

Yea, they are very much so inspired from EpicSpaceTroll139's designs, as well a dozen other amazing builders. Posted that to reddit at like 3am and woke up understanding what they mean by RIP inbox haha


16 hours ago, The Space Dino said:

How did you build that, looks awesome

A lot of times, I have to add 1 part at a time and launch the craft to make sure that it wasn't that one particular part making the craft randomly explode. It's tedious but symmetry mode is your best friend! I've build upon each my previous successful renditions so the bearing gets better over time (at least perspectively)

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