How to reach Moho - Illustrated Manned Mission

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Hi everyone!
I would like to show you my lastest mission to Moho.

It may help new players who have some issues reaching this body, or some of you looking for design ideas. :)

Before beginning, note that this was done in Career mode. Transfer Window Planner and Kerbal Engeneer were the only mods used.

This mission is completely stock parts.

Let's get it started !

First of all, here's the goal of this mission : Fulfill 'Explore Moho' Contract.

I'm using an 'apollo style' design in 3 different stages : - Main engines & liquid fuel - Hab module - Moho lander.

The whole ship is approximatly optimized for this mission, in terms of weight and delta-V required, but some adjustments can still be done.

My personnal challenges on this mission were :

  • Create a 'half-reusable' asparagus nuclear cluster, made with mk3 LiquidFuel parts => using it for this mission, then refueling and reusing it for a closer one.
  • Use high efficiency of the nukes to bring the less fuel possible on our cluster. There won't be any 'interplanetary kick' stage made of size 3 parts. Remember : less is more ! :wink:
  • Bringing all the science done home with the crew.


Enough talking, let's show you what it looks like !



The trick to catch up Moho is to slow down at your solar periapsis to reduce your injection burn in a significant way.

This mission is a single example, feel free to comment or post yours !

Hope this will help !

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