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BDArmory radar


I view this video how him can lock radar at 100km+ and my radar just 20km- what mod , i find and edit ranger radar in BDArmory but i not found and what name of map mod so many city and house 



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HI there are   3  mods in that video Modular Missiles Physics Range Extender  and RBDA  Real BDArmory.  Modular Missiles provides the multistage missile and  RBDA enhances BDA to full scale combat, and PRE extends the physics range to 200km  .  This particular package is intended to be used alongside  RSS.   To get the best from such a setup  a good deal of experience with BDA and the other mods. 

RBDA is highly experimental and extends KSP much further than Squad intended .

The current version of BDA has Radar ranges up top 40km and gps ranges up to 100km, plus a multitude of other enhancements, I'd strongly advise using the current 1.3 release version rather than the complicated to install full RBDA package

BD Armory for KSP 1.3


Modular Missiles for KSP 1.3


Physics Range Extender for KSP 1.3


Real BDArmory for KSP 1.3.  Please try the normal version before this one , and do not install both at the same time.


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2 hours ago, JickJesdy said:

Where i can edit ranger of radar?? 

Hi if you are running latest version of BDA for 1.3  your maximum range should be 40KM.  It is not possible to extend the range past this point.  40KM is a long  way over the horizon meaning that ground radar simply shows empty  if target is beyond horizon, not checked recently but that was around 19km .  For aircraft radar operating at that range.  the radar return at that distance or greater is minute, and a special radar cfg is required in order to operate reliably.

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