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Dust Storm-VOYAGE [With Pictures] [Trilogy] [Part 2]

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                                       Dust storm

Chapter 2-VOYAGE

Against the slowly stopping wind... Against the freezing night...Against the weakness, kerbals go..

Bob looked around the rover.. Jeb was resting, looking into the void-dark sky...


Bob got closer to observe the rover.

To his upset he saw nothing valuable.


Bob pushed the rover really hard! And then the wheels began to work! The happiness of accomplishment overwhhelmed Bob and Jeb..


Rover went on, automaticly..


Rover stopped.

And then, Jeb suddenly got off the rover, it seems like he got better, Bob didn't want ot question that.

Probably because Bob was doing something else.





Kerbals went sleeping..

But then, suddenly Jeb woke up at the Dunian midnight.



Jeb's personality began to crack under the pressure of the situation, much to Bob's surpise..


Kerbonauts finally found their calm, and began sleeping, dreaming about their homes..

Eearly,early in the morning.


Morning starts with a proper routine, even in the extremal situation..


Crossing the remaining 9km was not easy, especially for Bob..


Finally, after a long time reaching the base, kerbals, or kerbal, to be clear, saw the base in the distance..


They have reached the safety for now, but that is just for now..





The second part is reached! Our little voyagers have reached the base! Awaiting trials of the future!

Now, i sincerely ask @Vanamonde, not to merge this one with the previous one.

I want to merge it after i will be done with the third part. I will send a message!


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2 minutes ago, DeltaDizzy said:

Jeb doesn't like being called a BadS? Why hasn't he told us before? Or is it just your Jeb?

Look at one of my documentaries, "Touching the Void", it shows, how quickly personalities change..

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I don't know why but that one panel really got to me:





"It is cold."

"I know, Jeb - I know."


Not a badS - just a scared kerbal who needs a hand to hold in the dark. Well played @cratercracker

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