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Saturn V Parts Pack (v1.1) (NEW: Fixed PNG's)


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Hi everyone, this is my first attempt at creating a KSP addon. Let me know what you think!

Presenting the Saturn V! Get your chance to fly the tallest, heaviest and most powerful rocket ever!! (by Earth standards anyway)

Parts breakdown:


3 Fuel Tanks, 3 Engines, 2 Interstages and an SAS module (Instrument Unit)

The instrument unit has a 1m 1.75m diameter for compatibility with other parts to allow you to design your own mission loadout.

The Apollo Spacecraft is not included for the moment.



Download (v1.0):


Download (v1.1):


New: Fixed textures on latest KSP version

Have fun!

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you don't actually need to use the modified RCS module, the stage III engine can't access the RCS fuel tank due to the location of the instrument unit(SAS module). so you can actually use the normal one that came in the sunday punch mod..

awesome job btw, kingtramp..

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There's supposed to be a small or medium engine under the CSM, and you used the adapter instead of the decoupler to go from the CSM to the S3 tank.

ahh gotcha.. thought i was missing something because the decoupler didn't fit right.. makes sense now, lol.

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Yeah that's it, you just need to somehow fit a lunar module inside that decoupler and you've nearly got an apollo spacecraft.

You can see what it should look like here: http://www.apollomaniacs.com/apollo/spacecraft_menu_e.htm

The actual Apollo SLA is much larger then the adapter put out so far. About twice as long as the CSM and as long as the 3rd stage fuel tank.

Good work on the S-V by the way.

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Now we just need a correctly proportioned SLA... and a second set of S-V parts with the real proportions, mass, thrust, and fuel figures... ;D

The thing would be so big 1/1 scale it would barely fit on the launchpad! :D (To scale the first stage is 9m diameter, compared to the <3m currently)

I will probably make a 1/1 scale version at one point though, once we have animated parts, gimballed engines, docking, custom CM's and a Moon equivalent. Let's call that version 2.0!

Also I made the mistake of saying the instrument unit was 1m diameter, when it was actually designed to fit NovaSilisko's 2m parts (which are actually ~1.7m diameter). But now Sunday Punch's latest pack has come out with 2m parts which are actually 2m in diameter, so I don't know what to do! ???

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