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The Mitsubishi A6M Zero (Fully Stock!)


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I've decided to move up a war for planes to replicate (Don't worry, I'll still be doing some more WWI planes! :)) and this was the result. It was my first time working with a custom cockpit, and I really hope it doesn't look like absolute trash :P. This replica was a lot more difficult to do than the previous two, so if quality is lacking, I apologise :)

The plane in real life:



Now, before I show off my replica of the Zero, I'd first like to credit MajorJim for the revolutionary stock bearing technology he's developed. Without it, my planes would still be using jet engines to fly *Gasp*

(Link Here)

With that out of the way, here's the

Mitsubishi A6M Zero!

The A6M Zero was a naval fighter developed by the Japanese in World War II. It was brought early into the war and gained a legendary status of being a fantastic dogfighter. It was so fantastic that it's kill ration was 12 - 1. It was considered the finest fighter until 1943. The zero had manoueverability that was un-matched, even compared to the Spitfire. Unlike the allied fighters however, the Zero had a lack of armour. This saved on weight which caused it to have excellent range. I based the replica primarily off the A6M2 Zero.






Top Speed: 52.3m/s (May vary with flight)

Top Speed (In Dive): 70-80m/s (Depends on your bravery)

Takeoff Speed: 19-20m/s 

Stall Speed: 12-18m/s


Download and Instructions

Since the instructions to fly this thing are literally the exact same as my Sopwith Camel, here's an extract to save me some time :)



1: On launch, decouple the propeller from the main craft. Make sure SAS is on the main craft itself, but not the detatched propeller. (This is optional, but if you want, you can have the brakes on, be sure to remember to release them :) )

2: hold Alt + E until the propeller is completely spun up (a bar at the bottom left shows the roll, when it is completely to the left, that's when it's fully spun up)

3: Leave the plane be, once it reaches 19 or 20m/s it should lift up on it's own.

4: Have fun being an Ace Pilot, or a twenty minuter. Just avoid doing manouevers too strong, this can cause the propeller to break off.

- As a tip, flying with SAS results in a more stable, but less manouverable flight, but without makes the thing fly more manouverably.

- As a challenge, try to stunt fly this thing, I assure you it's really fun!


Just ignore the bit about being a twenty minuter, it ain't World War I anymore :P

(Download here)


Thanks for reading my post! I'll be returning to making World War I Planes soon :)

I think, coming up next is a replica of the Fokker D1. Depending on how I feel.

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