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One Small Step For Kerbals, One Giant Leap For ... uhhh


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Greetings everyone!

My name is Grand-Necrologist Zein but just call me Necro or Zein,


This is a pretty off but on topic post. Mods, if I am not allowed to post this, well er... crap, just delete this and we will act like this never happened... haha

Ahem, anyways as my 'Rank' states, I am a twitch streamer, and I just wrapped up my Hollow Knight Blind Play through which means tonight, at 6pm EST I start KSP.

I was going to do a Mod Pack but it looks like I will be having to play Vanilla for now while I work on getting this Mod Pack to work. 

Hey, if you are good at sorting and setting up a nice quantity of mods and making them play nice with the 1.3 build of KSP. hit me up baby :wink: because I am DYING over here



yeah so, ahahaha tonight we start the KSP movement on the channel stop over and say hello, stop in here and say hello, you know just be social I am a pretty nice dude haha. I will need all the help I can get tho that is for sure. 


Come Say Hello and Feed me Pizza I will love you forever.





SO this is my issue I am having as I said above I was having issues, specifically with CKAN


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A Little image to explain why I am having issues
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On 7/29/2017 at 8:38 AM, DunaManiac said:

I HAD This problem when I was trying to install OPM when I was a PC player!:o That was before I became a forum user so...:blush:

the .NET framework problem? or needing Pizza Problem? both are critical.

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