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[1.3] Store My Reports 1.1 (12017-07-31)


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Store My Reports
Version 1.1

The primary job of this mod is to fix the inability for Kerbals to find glove-boxes within their vessel or pockets on their EVA suits. You can now make crew reports and have them stored without the need to exit the vessel, take all of the reports out, then put them all back in again. It also allows Kerbals on EVA to store science data within pockets on their EVA suits.

Although this mod's primary goal is to alleviate the ridiculousness of crew report storage, it will also work with any other science experiments that have their own separate science containers within the same part. Experiment data will be automatically stored within these containers making room for further experiments.

Download (CurseForge)
Source (GitHub)


Place the `StoreMyReports` folder found within the downloaded zip file into `GameData` found within the game's installation directory.


To change these settings you can open the configuration dialog by clicking on the `SMR` button found on the toolbar at the bottom right of the Space Centre.

Automatically Discard Duplicates
When enabled this feature will automatically discard any duplicate science data if it already exists within the container (i.e capsule for crew reports and kerbal for eva reports).

Licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.

This mod includes version checking using MiniAVC. If you opt-in, it will use the internet to check whether there is a new version available. Data is only read from the internet and no personal information is sent. For a more comprehensive version checking experience, please download the KSP-AVC Plugin.

If you wish to show your appreciation in ways other than words, this button will help you do just that.

P.S. The year in the title is not a typo, it's using the Holocene Era calendar system.

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10 hours ago, cybutek said:

I can't see why anyone would actually want to do this though.

To bring a copy of the experiment to two different Mobile Processing Labs.  Or in the case of non-transmittable science, one to bring to Kerbin and one to bring to an MPL.

Neat mod!

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5 hours ago, hab136 said:

To bring a copy of the experiment to two different Mobile Processing Labs.  Or in the case of non-transmittable science, one to bring to Kerbin and one to bring to an MPL.

Neat mod!

Good point that I hadn't actually thought of and might be a good reason for the default to be changed to not discard (I just personally preferred it to discard which is why it's default). With this being the case it's also a good reason for me to actually think about having the toggle as an in-game option rather than just in the config.


34 minutes ago, Gordon Dry said:

Does it like AutomatedScienceSampler? I mean is it compatible to it?

I haven't tested it, but there's no reason why it shouldn't be compatible. The automated sampler mods generally bypass the in-game collecting mechanic altogether anyway. Also this mod only runs when the experiments result popup window is closed (the one where you choose to discard/keep/transmit science data), it's not constantly running.

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Version 1.1 is now available for download!

This mod has reached my current feature goals, but if you have any suggestions please let me know... Enjoy! :) 

Implemented configuration system:
    - Separated the configuration from the main StoreMyReports class.
    - Created application launcher button that shows in the Space Centre scene.
    - Created configuration dialog using the stock popup dialog system.
    - The default value for `Discard Duplicates` is now set to `false`.


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On 12/08/2017 at 5:33 PM, evileye.x said:


Revamped?... Or not?

Not revamped, as I had no idea that mod even existed. I generally just check the pinned list of compatible mods available on this forum and it doesn't list it. This mod's definitely not the same under the bonnet though by looking at the source. Store My Reports is a lot more efficient as it doesn't check every part on a vessel every frame, only once upon closing the Experiments Results Dialog. It also doesn't use LINQ which creates memory garbage that requires cleaning up causing hiccups in frame rates. Hope this answers your question :P

Also in the works: I'm going to be adding an optional feature that saves the position of the Experiments Results Dialog so that it doesn't always pop-up in the middle of the screen every time you collect science. I find this annoying because it often ends up blocking the right click menus and gets in the way. Having it pop-up in the same position where you last left it (e.g. at the side of the screen out of the way) would be nice.

Forgot to mention that Store My Reports is now also available on CKAN as the pull request I made was finally merged the other day :)

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