I'm writing a song parody, any thoughts for the music video?

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Here's the first verse and the chorus:

solid booster delta wing

heat shield gimbal ring 

supersonic rapid unplanned


canard rudder elevator

solar panel radiator

northern Mohole southern Mohole 



rendezvous aileron 

RCS clamp-o-tron 

oxidizer kerosene 

and dimethyl hydrazine

chamber pressure corkscrew 

rocket cockpit Eeloo 

kilopascal engine failure

emergency landing 


We didn't buzz the tower 

we were always flying 

since the sun's been shining 

we didn't buzz the tower 

we were on your radar 

but we left a crater

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This is we didn't start the fire.

But this is amazing btw. Add something about Eve reentry in the second verse.

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