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11 hours ago, DeltaDizzy said:

I looked up "ksp GUI tutorial", since I would like to create a plugin, but haven't the slightest idea how, and I came across the most helpful page ever. :P


More seriously, these videos are known to help, I've heard:

What you want is probably somewhere in the playlist.

Thank you :)

(a plugin will deactivate the non-existent atmospheres in UI only)

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7 hours ago, Benjamin Kerman said:

Just get rid of the config files then...

He wants the player to be able to decide.


Player A wants Ike atmo

Player B doesn't

They are both lazy, complaining butts who just want to drag-and-drop.

How do you appease them?


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As for the UI, @SamBelanger, you might want to pick through the source for KittopiaTech. It is a Kopernicus UI editor after all.:P Not 1.3 though.

EDIT: It seems that there are 2 choices. Either above ^ or some adaptation of it. Both ways a game restart is required for effects to happen.

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