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[1.3.1] Rescale! Comprehensive SD Configs [] [03 Dec 2017]


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3 hours ago, The_Arcitect said:

I got one question.

Is the mod ever going to be updated to 1.10?

It shouldn't require updating.  Sigma Dimensions hasn't done anything to change its syntax, so there's no reason the Rescale configs won't still work with it.

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And the latest version of Sigma Dimensions still works with Kopernicus on 1.9.* and 1.10.* on RTB's bleeding edge version and, as OhioBob has pointed out above, these Rescale! configs still function exactly as they did when they were released... so everything is fine! :D 

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On 3/15/2020 at 8:37 AM, snakeru said:

I am actually playing it with 1.8.1 

I experience a bug though, but I do not know to which mod it belongs. I play GPP 6.4x and it seems that terrain colliders are off for Iota (they seem to be fine on Gael).
If I try to land then the craft explodes near the surface - sometimes that's a few (20 or so) meters above the ground, sometimes it's below, but it never quite match the rendered terrain. When this happens then some part on the craft explodes and the rest keep drifting like a cloud and keep exploding until nothing is left.


Should I try narrowing this down to figure out what mod is causing this (I have kerbalism and then a few small QoL ones) or is this a known problem?


On 4/9/2020 at 2:38 PM, Hego Damask said:

Hello! Did you manage to solve this problem? my ship also crashes or crashes when landing on the moon.


Not an official support request, but if I get any help here I'll be happy to reply with whatever details/files you need.

I'm having a similar issue on my 1.8.1 install with 10.625x. Even with the cheat menu options "unbreakable joints" and "no crash damage", landing legs deployed, and a VERY SOFT touchdown of 0.5 m/s on minmus' flats, my craft go boom boom. What's more, the failure/explosion seems to occur starting on the root part, or somewhere else in the center of the ship. The subsequent debris also vaporizes, despite being mere meters off of the supposed surface (KER surface altimeter readout) and having ~0 velocity. The mission log says "[craft] crashed into the surface". Is this some kind of issue with the "crash" collider possibly scaling to be above the "surface" collider? I don't really know anything about KSP's code beyond occasionally editing a part .cfg file.


Any help is much appreciated. I really love the idea of a realistic-dV Kerbol system, more than using RSS and dealing with all the nuance (and nuissance) of non-equatorial launches and massive plane changes to get anywhere besides LKO/LEO, but not being able to land anywhere really sucks the fun out of things.

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I'm having this exact same issue - even previous mission flags hover above the surface. It wasn't even happening until my latest mission so there's a major problem - perhaps something to do with the reworked Mun textures?

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Hello, I'm having a problem where going out of time warp high above Iota makes the game freeze. I get the warning in the console : "can't find preset 'low' for pqs 'Iota'". Anyone else got it ? I'm playing on 1.10.1


EDIT : nvm, I realized some configs i had written were screwed up


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