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[1.3] KERBIN IS REAL: Stock Planets at Stock Scale In Real Solar System

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Kerbin Is Real is a mod that no one asked for and I really can't think of a player type who would play this. Nonetheless, if you ever wanted to have the Kerbal planets coexist with the real world solar system, here's your chance to see that dream realized. Requires Real Solar System.

Moho: Orbits below Mercury

Eve: First satellite of Venus

Gilly: Second satellite of Venus

Kerbin: First satellite of Earth, color pallet changed to match RSS Earth texture.

Mun: second satellite of Earth

Minmus: third satellite of Earth

Duna: Third satellite of Mars

Ike: Trojan of Duna

Dres: Near-Earth Asteroid.

Jool: Orbits Uranus

Laythe: Below Io

Vall: Still orbits Jool

Tylo: Still orbits Jool

Bop and Pol: lower orbit around Jool.

Eeloo: Between Dione and Rhea.


Download at Spacedock

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9 hours ago, drtedastro said:

But the most important question, what kind and quantity of beer was used in the creation of this mod.

1.41421356237 beers. Just a minor break in depressive creation apathy / worldbuilder's block.

8 hours ago, KerbMav said:

Cute. :D

Are the real world bodies in real world size then?

Real world bodies are at real world scale, stock bodies are at stock scale.

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So, interested in what I could do with a visual pack in a combined RSS and stock environment, I tried loading AVP into an installation using this mod. Interestingly enough, all modified stock bodies retained their clouds (albeit the non-atmospheric bodies lost what little enhancements they had), but even weirder, Kerbin's clouds were appended to Earth! Likely because "Kerbin" in EnvrionmentalVisualEnhancements just refers to whichever body the kerbals are located.

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6 hours ago, a random squirrel said:

how do I get it to work?


I see you are a newbie, so I would recommend you get good at the stock game first and play the Real Solar System a little bit after that. Kerbin Is Real is for people who have mastered both the real and stock solar systems.

Install by installing this after RSS and RSS Textures.

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