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The BDA Dogfighter thread(currently in 1.2.2)

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this is a new BDA Dogfighter thread. you can host a new section if you want but you have to do the dogfighting and you have to post the video here. @MiffedStarfish is hosting a stock+BDA only section soon and i am doing one with a couple of mods. but for mine, you can have up to 2 fighter jets,1 Bomber, and 1 ground base(You don't have to use bombers or ground bases if don't want to)my brother @dundun92 will be doing a couple more dogfights in his modern fighter jet challenge before he stops.

 Rules for mine: These rules apply for the modern category(except there are no ground bases or bombers)     i am copying rules from the modern fighter jet challenge. Ground bases are not included in these rules(you can build your ground base any way you want)


 No spaceplane parts(mk1-mk2 adapters are allowed)(e.g. rockets, RCS)

 Up to two engines of the same type

  J-404 Panthers, J-85 Tigers, and J-33 Wheesleys are the only allowed engines.

 No Drones

 TWR over 0.80

 Must weigh at least 6 tons.

 Needs at least 2 AMRAMS

 Needs Radar

for bombers, no more than 8 bombs

 No turrets(not even a turret with no rotation)

 Needs to have more than 3000RPM

 Must have no more than 8 missiles

 Must be able to fly with the AI pilot flight computer

 Needs to be able to take off and land on runway

 No sci-fi planes(forward swept wings are ok)

 Weapons manager and AI pilot flight computer required

 no heat shields

 Max 125 parts without BDA

Required Mods

RBDA(for those who aren't familiar, it is a branch of bda by @jrodriguez.


2. RBDA is basically the name of branch done by me. It has never been release officially because it is just a dirty proof of concept, however I would like to get it finished at some point in the future.

RBDA stands for Realistic BDArmory, some of the features /changes **EDITING** are  WILL BE:
- Extended ranges/distances for every single operation - up to 100 km.
- Realistic parameters for every single weapon of BDArmory. (You can fire an AIM-9s from 65 km)
- Design to be used with Realism Overhaul, RSS, FAR, Real Fuels, etc.

If you want to know more about it you can "Watch" my  fork of BDArmory https://github.com/jrodrigv/BDArmory/tree/RBDA .I'm trying to keep the branch always up to date with all the changes happening on the Dev branch.

If you want to play you will need to do the following:
-  Install KSP 1.3 version in case you still using KSP 1.2.2
-  Click on "Clone or download" button from the link.
-  Copy the Distribution/GameData/BDArmory folder inside your GameData folder (delete before your BDArmory folder)


1.2.2 version here

You can build with regular BDA, but dogfights for mine are conducted with RBDA.

Allowed Mods


Vens Stock part revamp


If you dont use BDA, just ask me. I'll put on the missiles, radar, cannon, and AI and weapon manager for you. You have to use the the 20mm 6000rpm Vulcan cannon.

You may use FAR but I will dogfight them without it.



LeaderBoard: My Category:


LeaderBoard: The modern category:

1. @NotAnAimbots PLFP-II

2. @53miner53s fighter 3

3. @dundun93s ASW X-18M

4. @MiffedStarfishes F-18




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8 hours ago, 53miner53 said:

I would like to enter Fighter 3 in the modern fighter jet category... though there isn't another category yet.

ok, there will be another category for yours that will use the same rules.

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Gonna try to enter this. Built in 1.3, but uses only 1.2 parts and should work in that version with the edited file. Tell me if it doesn't. I'll also leave an unarmed version if there are issues with the BDA update. If the armed version doesn't work, just strap on 6 AMRAAMs on the unarmed one and a weapon manager with the following settings.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/5gc9rey1xj0upi6/PLFP-II for 1.2.craft?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/qqco8of0oga5i3e/PLFP-II unarmed for 1.2.craft?dl=0


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16 hours ago, Joseph Kerman said:


Where is your download link?

ill do all these entry's today at 3:30PM

On 8/5/2017 at 10:32 PM, 53miner53 said:

I would also like to enter a craft into the other category: https://kerbalx.com/53miner53/Fighter-2

If you're going to enter it in my category, if you want to win, won't you want to enter a bomber and 2 ground bases?

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4 hours ago, dundun93 said:

If you're going to enter it in my category, if you want to win, won't you want to enter a bomber and 2 ground bases?

I missed that. I'll add a ground base design and a bomber soon. The bomber needs help with staging BTW, as it uses a pair of SRBs to help with launch.

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Catergory: Stock+BDA Dogfights

@dundun93 Here it is! I'm aiming for this catergory to be a simple competition to dogfight fighters 3v3 with no ground bases or bombers.


BD Armoury

Thats it.


1. All planes must have a weapon manager and AI pilot.

2. To keep things vaguely realistic, planes have a limit of up to 4 1.25m engines of any type.

3. Plane have a limit of up to 6 missiles, however they can have no more than 4 of one type.

4. I don't want to limit creativity here, but for my computers sake planes have a limit of up to 300 parts each.

5. Planes can have up to 3 guns, or one GAU-8.* All guns must be static.

6. Laser weapons are banned.

7. Each competitor can have only one plane design entered at a time.

8. Dogfights will start at 7500m.

*A plane can only have a GAU-8 if it has 2 engines or more.


To start this off I'm going to throw my MiG-17 Replica into the ring.


Will anyone dare to challenge this terror of the skies?




Oh, by the way, could I enter this into the modern catergory?


https://www.dropbox.com/s/cijp3p14oye7ajr/McDonnell Douglas F_A-18C Hornet BD.craft?dl=0

It should work fine in stock aero, and the AI will be able to operate the stock hinges. Procedure for takeoff is normal, except you stage once before turning the engines on.

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For the modded modern jet category I'd like to enter my SF-1 'Peregrine' https://kerbalx.com/Skylon/SF-1-Peregrine

Add BDA stuff (Vulcan guns), missiles etc. or use your brother's version. Use the AI settings I suggested on his thread

@MiffedStarfish I will add a link to my SF-4 later for the stock category
(The version pictured has tweakscaled lights)


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42 minutes ago, MiffedStarfish said:

To start this off I'm going to throw my MiG-17 Replica into the ring.


Will anyone dare to challenge this terror of the skies?




Me. My F-4E must. I still can't get it to go supersonic loaded, though...

And kinda move the AGM's inward to reduce wing loading, please?


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