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Need Help with KSP 1.2.2 Visual Mods


Hey guys im fairly new around here and i need some help with Ksp. I have been playing for 2 weeks now and have done alot of stuff such as landing on Mun, minmus etc but the stock visuals for the planets looked like crap so i downloaded these mods. Stock Visual Enhancement, Environment Enhancement, planet shine, scatter and Terrain Enhancement. When i try to load the game it works and loads up the main menu and i try to choose my save and when i click on it its taking more than 45min to load. It just shows the word loading and the three planets revolving around the sun. I know my pc can handle the mods but for some reason its been more than 2 hours and the game still hasnt loaded. There are no crash reports either and i have disabled other network adapters. Any help would be appreciated 

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I assume you do mean EVE when writing "Environment Enhancement". Not sure though, if you are talking about the mod "Scatterer" which adds realistic atmospheric scattering to KSP or if you're talking about the terrain scatter slider which adds rocks and trees (in the settings menu).

First, I know there are different files to download, depending on whether you use EVE alone or EVE in combination with SVE or similar mods. That might cause some issues, though not sure on that one. The EVE page states that it might create issues when using the EVE config files with another EVE based mod using different config files...so make sure to download the correct files.

Are you sure all mods are combinable? Sometimes multiple mods cause weird stuff...

Then, you could always remove one mod at a time and see if that solves the issue at some point (if yes, then you most likely found the mod that caused the trouble)

Finally, SVE, EVE and scatterer have "some" impact on your system performance (depending on the system you use) - are you sure your system can handle the load, or are you maybe running out of RAM or something similar?

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